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Things to Consider Before Placing Your Order

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This guide helps you on how to properly place your order in correct details.

Pairing Flowers and Gifts for Christmas

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Christmas is coming along together with gifts! Why you'd choose to give gifts only? Ahoy there! You can pair flowers with gifts!

Writing Romantic Notes for Your Flower Bouquet

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Choosing the right words seems daunting at times. If you are finding it difficult to compose a message which will be included with your bouquet, you may find the following tips and guide helpful. We suggest using the KISS Method.

Flower Delivery in Makati Simple Buyers’ Guide

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So, you want to send flowers to Makati City, and you want to know a couple of simple facts that you might want to consider before doing so. We came up with this simple article that would help guide you about the Makati landscape and other things to consider for your flower delivery.

Choosing Vases or Containers for your Flowers

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You just received a bouquet of flowers from Makati Flower Delivery, it is good idea to rehydrate the flowers so that it will last longer. The best way to hydrate it is to place it in a water container. Choosing a container for your flowers is quite simple.

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