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Writing Romantic Notes for Your Flower Bouquet
17 Nov

Writing Romantic Notes for Your Flower Bouquet

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Choosing the right words seems daunting at times. If you are finding it difficult to compose a message which will be included with your bouquet, you may find the following tips and guide helpful. We suggest using the KISS Method.

Keep it Interesting, Short and Sweet (KISS): For a romantic gesture such as anniversary, you might want to spice things up with interesting yet sweet messages. You might also want to include some details on your note such as where you met or the color of her eyes. Just make sure the details are accurate. Below are some examples to help you figure out your composition:

Example No. 1: “Happy Anniversary Honey! I am excited to see you on that red dress later on our date. This message is short but with a hint of romance. You may use your own term of endearment. It is a little personalized and does not look something that you just copied and paste from Google.

Example No. 2: “Your blue eyes are still as beautiful since I first saw you 5 years ago. Happy Anniversary My Love”. Including complements together with certain details shows that you are cherishing every moment with your love ones and appreciate even the smallest details in your relationship.

Example No. 3: “On my way to work I heard our song on the radio. I miss you so much Baby and can’t wait to see you”. This message works well as a “Just Because” type of message or when you are waiting to be with your love one soon. Sometimes you do need as special occasion to tell someone how much you miss being with them or how much you appreciate your love ones.

Personalizing your message makes it meaningful and sincere, so tweak it as you see fit. You may also want to add a little humor or quotes that you think your love one will appreciate. Customize your message depending on your personality and the personality of the recipient, it will show how much you know the person.

We hope this simple guide would help you come up with a note that would express how much you feel about your love one. Chocolates also does wonders, so put some on your order.

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